Mid-term Review of Child Centred Climate Change Adaption (CCCCA) Project

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Mid-term Review of Child Centred Climate Change Adaption (CCCCA) Project


Save the Children

Project Description:

The study was conducted from 1 January to 31 July, 2019 to evaluate child centred climate change adaption (CCCCA) project progress. The purpose of the study was to assist the project team in making decisions on the trajectory of the project for the remaining period. The research provided and analyzed gender, disability and geographical disaggregated data on the current situation of children, youth and community members in target communities, in line with the baseline indicators. Both quantitative and qualitative data were collected for this study. “Two Stage Stratified Sampling” technique has been undertaken for the study that means taking sample from different strata using simple random sampling. The study found that adaptation situation has improved significantly compared to the baseline state. Communities and schools have started using risk assessment tools. People have improved significant adaptive capacities. The research participants also reported that child centered climate change assessments through URA/CRAs were in place. Almost half of the respondents in the targeted areas acknowledged increased government support for mitigation and adaptation. It has also been observed that community people as well as relevant sub-national staffs possess better knowledge on climate change. Since climate change adaptation is a multi-disciplinary issue, some of the action plans have addressed climatic risks, whereas some addressed climate related cross cutting issues.

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