In-depth monitoring on the project titled “Secondary Education Sector Investment Program (SESIP)


Project Information


In-depth monitoring on the project titled “Secondary Education Sector Investment Program (SESIP)


IMED (Implementation Monitoring & Evaluation Division, Ministry of Planning)

Project Description:

This is an ongoing study, commenced in January 2020. The overall objective of the study is to conduct in-depth monitoring of the project titled “Secondary Education Sector Investment Program” in consultation with the project personnel and relevant stakeholders. A systematic methodological approach is being followed to carry out the study. After selecting all the relevant stakeholders, a list of indicators in line with the objectives has been prepared to assess the overall project goal. With the purpose of achieving the study objective, desk review of relevant project documents, collection of primary data through questionnaire survey, focus group discussions, and key informant interviews have been carried out. Primary data has been collected from 16 upazilas of 8 districts. In order to ensure representation, a district has been selected from each division. The in-depth monitoring will scrutinize mobilization of inputs on time, completion of planned activities, and delivery of expected outputs and outcomes. Besides, the findings of the study will exhibit how this project has contributed in improving the quality of secondary education system through teachers’ training, providing materials, change in curriculum, introduction of ICT based education, scholarships, and increasing efficiency etc. Finally, a report will be prepared to inform the policy makers about the critical lessons learned and some insights will be provided about more effective and efficient implementation of similar interventions in the future.

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