In-Depth Monitoring of the “BASIC Literacy Project (64 Districts)”

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Project Information


In-Depth Monitoring of the “BASIC Literacy Project (64 Districts)”


Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Sector-3, Ministry of Planning, IMED, GoB Ministry of Planning, IMED

Project Description:

The study was carried out in 16 Upazilas across the country from January to April 2019 to monitor the overall progress of the ‘Basic Literacy Project (64 districts)’. Considering the set objectives of the project, this study also aimed to review the current situation and the progress for a comparative evaluation towards achieving the project objectives i.e., increase the literacy rate according to the Sustainable Development Goals, Education for All, National Action Plan-2, Sixth Five-Year Plan and National Education Policy. Apart for this, DM WATCH was expected to provide feedback and identify challenges to improve the project’s ongoing activities. A systematic methodological approach has been followed for conducting the study. Probability sampling technique has been used for collecting quantitative data. Whereas Key Informant Interviews, Focus Group Discussions, workshops and a few case studies were conducted to gather qualitative data. The study has found that the people are enthusiastic to receive education as well as livelihood skill development training. Therefore, the study argued that the literacy rate might increase slightly within the given period of this project. Nonetheless, the study has also identified various problems and obstacles, which may impede achieving the desired goals. In the end, the study came up with some recommendations to make the project implementation more efficient.

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