Urban Development and Management


Urbanization is an effective engine of economic growth and socio-cultural development. With development activities being sky-rocketed in recent years, the economic, social, cultural and physical landscapes are changing rapidly in both urban and rural areas. The implications of the mix of urban-rural functions and traits in metropolitan cities and towns are manifold and, thus, critical. The challenges of urbanization include, but not limited to, the areas of human settlement management, environmental sustainability, resilience to disasters, urban poverty, socio-cultural conflicts, and climate change. Continue reading…

Urban development and management (UDM), one of the five practice areas of DM WATCH, intends to help countries around the world achieve the sustainable goal of making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. Less

Featured Services under the Practice Area

Pre-feasibility and feasibility study of urban development projects
Project monitoring and impact evaluation assessment
Development project proforma (DPP)
Infrastructure development and strategic land-use planning
Preparation of masterplan, density zoning plan, action area plan, and contingency plan
Urban design, planning, and strategic policy analysis
Urban poverty and strategic planning for low-income and informal settlement
Urban morphology and data-driven geospatial modeling for suitability and sensitivity analysis
Land cover mapping and change detection analysis
Geo-informatics, database design, preparation, and management
Urban disaster risk assessment
Geospatical planning and services
Map digitization
Web mapping solutions

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