Public Policy and Governance


Public Policy and Governance (PPG), one of the five practice areas of DM WATCH, undertakes evidence-based research and consulting services to contribute to the governance challenges and development policy debates. Under this thematic area, we conduct in-depth research on a whole range of public policy issues to provide decision-makers, academics, and the general public with quality research and objective analysis on issues of national/global significance. Issues in which PPG focus include, among others, democratization; government reforms; education policy, systems and governance; poverty, inequality and social justice; sustainable development issues; and regionalism/transitional cooperation. Thus, PPG aims to impart quality knowledge and services to address all major challenges related to governance and public policy issues for achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Featured Services under the Practice Area

Conducting policy research
Policy support
Governance and policy assessment of institutions
Applied research and analysis regarding public policy and governance
Technical expertise support on the issues related to public policy and governance

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