Environment, Climate Change, Hazard and Disaster


Today, the environment is constantly getting degraded by numerous issues such as climate change, global warming, pollution (such as air, water, noise, land, and marine), desertification, loss of biological diversity, excessive harvesting of natural resources and illegal trade practice. Climate change, one of the most pressing emergencies in contemporary times, poses serious threat to nature and people. Moreover, natural and human-induced hazards give rise to disasters of different sorts, which cause catastrophic losses in terms of life, properties and economy.

In recognition of the urgent need to reduce the risks caused by broader environmental issues, DM WATCH has been playing its role by conducting evidence-based researches, building partnership and providing policy recommendation under the practice area “Environment, Climate Change, Hazard and Disaster”.

Featured Services under the Practice Area

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)
Strategic Planning for Waste Management
Pollution Prevention and Control Strategies
Ecological Risk Assessment (ERA)
Joint Monitoring Program (JMP)
Sustainability Impact Assessment (SIA)
Airborne mapping, and environmental monitoring
Adaptation/ mitigation assessment
Alternative, renewable energy analysis
Climate change risk/impact assessment on resiliency, ecosystem services and biodiversity
Climate change monitoring
Multi-sectoral impact assessment of climate change
Climate Vulnerability and Capacity Analysis (CVCA)
Carbon scenario planning
Carbon footprint analysis
Disaster and hazard assessment
Disaster risk and vulnerability assessment and management
Preparing action plan for disaster preparedness and risk reduction
Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) analysis
Multi hazard contingency planning
Hazard, exposure and vulnerability mapping
Damage, loss and needs assessment
Relief distribution assessment and management
Health risk and disaster psychology assessment
Assessment of risk reduction capacity
Researching and recommending community resilience building
Ecosystem management in disaster risk reduction
Multi-sectoral impact assessment

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