Agriculture and Natural Resources


Increasing demand for and exploitation of agricultural produce and natural resources, together with challenges posed by climate change, have been threatening the sustainability of food security, thus, in turn, threatening the very existence of human lives. Sustainable development will not be realized until we ensure wise development and management of agriculture and the natural resources in ways that encourage agro-ecosystem resilience, optimize ecosystem services, ensure sustainable advancement for the economy, and improvement of livelihoods. Continue reading…

DM WATCH, with its practice area Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR), envisions to play a part in increasing the income and ensuring the food security of poor and vulnerable, and thus, improving health and well-being of the humanity. Less

Featured Services of This Practice Area

Enterprise appraisal
Pre-feasibility and feasibility test
Project monitoring and impact evaluation assessment
Development project proforma (DPP)
Detailed project reports
Business review and feasibility study
Agricultural value chain analysis and development
Sustainable agriculture production techniques including crop protection
Climate smart agriculture
Disease forecasting and land ecosystem study
Farming system research and development including agro-forestry, livestock, fisheries and horticulture, agro-business and agro-marketing.
Conservation, uses and management of natural resource
Natural resource planning services
Resilient research in agro-ecosystems

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