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    Focus on rights of ethnic and marginalized communities to attain SDG goals

    On August 26, a webinar titled “Identifying the Root Causes of the Intersectional Vulnerabilities of Gender, Climate Vulnerability and Ethnicity-Based Discrimination in Bangladesh” was organised by The Business Standard, Disaster Management Watch, Christian Aid, and Gana Unnayan Kendra. Khadija Leena, associate professor of North South University, presented the key findings Continue Reading...

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    করোনা ও বন্যা সংকটে ব্যাংকে ভরসা ১১ শতাংশ কৃষকের

    করোনা সংক্রমণের মধ্যে দীর্ঘস্থায়ী বন্যা ও ঘূর্ণিঝড় আম্পানে কৃষকরা ব্যাপকভাবে ক্ষতিগ্রস্ত হয়েছেন। একই সঙ্গে তিনটি দুর্যোগে ফসল নষ্ট হওয়া, বাজারে দাম কম পাওয়া ও কৃষি উৎপাদনসামগ্রীর দাম বৃদ্ধির কারণে আর্থিক সংকটে পড়েছেন কৃষক। তাদের সহায়তায় ৫ হাজার কোটি টাকার প্রণোদনা প্যাকেজ ঘোষণা করে সরকার। কিন্তু নানা জটিলতায় কৃষকরা ব্যাংক থেকে Continue Reading...

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    Shortfall fear makes rice market volatile

    A three-phase natural calamity, COVID-19 pandemic and the perceived fear of production shortfall are making the country’s rice market volatile. The fear of staple shortage deepened after multiple natural disasters hit the crops. Excessive rainfall in March-April, cyclone Amphan in the month of May and consecutive floods in June- July Continue Reading...

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    Back farmers for Aman paddy production, cropping next year

    DM WATCH urges govt to financially support the growers to offset losses caused by flood, pandemic   The Disaster Management Watch (DM WATCH), a non-government organisation, called upon the government on Saturday to provide financial assistance to the farmers for Aman paddy production and cropping next year aiming to ensure Continue Reading...

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    Study: Over 50% farmers struggling with labour shortage, insufficient cash

    90% of the farmers did not manage to receive the government’s stimulus package because they are more interested in taking loans from NGOs, study says A recent study has found that 56% of the farmers do not have enough cash in their hand for the next crop session and are Continue Reading...

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    Ethnic women hit hardest in natural disasters

    Ethnic women were the worst affected by natural disasters that ripped through Bangladesh at different times. And more women died in those calamities when compared to men, with the death rate among females being five times higher than that among their male counterparts. The intensity of changes in geographical contexts Continue Reading...

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