Event | Dec 29, 2017

DM WATCH retreat

Disaster Management Watch (DM WATCH) is committed to provide range of facilities to its employees. All the employees of organization considers themselves as a members of DM WATCH Family. We arranged annual picnic of 2017 for DM WATCH Family on 28 December. The employees wanted to take a breather from their urban life and enjoy a day in rural settings. Jol O Jongoler Kabbo in Gazipur was chosen as the location for spending the day with DM WATCH family.


It was a warm, sunny day when we went to our picnic spot.  After the arrival we were greeted with juice and natural rural beauty of the picnic spot. Soothing view and cozy weather brought a cheerful vibe among all of us.

The spot had ample open spaces for us to play and explore. There were ponds surrounded by green grass and tall trees. There were several small cottages to take rest in. Performers sang Baul songs throughout the day.

Plenty of foods were in offer including traditional foods. Breakfast started with Deshi Pitha, Chaler Ruti, Curries and fresh fruits. After the breakfast, our members played cricket in hearty manner.  Afterwards, we had tea and enjoyed Baul songs.

After a burst of photo sessions and exploration of the picnic spot, it was the time for our games part. Various games were designed for the members to refresh their mind. After the games, it was time for grand lunch.

Lunch was a busy time for the members with big appetites. We all sat down for a noisy DM WATCH family lunch and hurled banters at each other. The lunch was delicious and our members enjoyed the bangali food a great deal. After the lunch, we again indulged in the beauty of the nature.   Evening started with delicious Vapa Pitha as snacks. All of the members enjoyed the snacks and tea or coffee.

After a day of leisure and relaxation, the members hurried into action to pack their bags for the journey back to Dhaka. Everyone felt content after passing an  incredible day in relaxed interactions within the DM WATCH family. Our return journey started at 7:30 pm. The journey was long due to heavy Thursday traffic but we were engaged in banters that made the time feel shorter.

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